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Rebecca Robeson
Robeson Design’s CEO and lead designer, Rebecca Robeson, is by far one of the most talented and creative interior designers on the west coast including San Francisco and the Bay area. Robeson began her design business in 1994 crediting her success with “listening, listening, listening… followed by near magic powers of translation”. Though her career started in the 90’s, her intuitive design nature and ability to visualize the spectacular began when she was a young girl. Guided by her inherent gift to connect and interpret her client’s desires, Rebecca has been able to transform her client’s aspirations for their living spaces into homes beyond their wildest dreams. “Listening is the key to creating a home that defines a client’s personal taste”, noted Robeson, “when walking through a home, I want to be immersed in the personal style of the owner”. Rebecca takes pride in incorporating her clients personal collections and treasures in breathtakingly unpredictable ways. She dedicated her efforts to customizing interior finishes, furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, art, and accessories that are significant to the homeowner. When unfied, these details inspire an experience of luxury living that becomes both intimately real and personal. Rebecca is insistent on design that lives with it’s owners, “You should always be able to curl your feet up on the sofa”. Rebecca admits, “sometimes, it’s what they say; but more often, it’s what they mean… that takes discernment on my part. My job is to listen intently, that’s how masterpieces happen”.

Sharrah Robeson
Sharrah Robeson is a California native, born and raised in San Diego (She loves San Francisco!). As Robeson Design’s Director of Marketing, Sharrah is a highly motivated social media and marketing driven woman. After graduating from Calvary Chapel Bible College in California with a degree in Theology, Sharrah’s career path turned directions as she began to realize passion for fashion and her natural born strengths in communication and sales. She began her career in sales as one of Nordstrom’s most valued and highest earning stylists. Her people skills and high net worth clientele navigated her transition from a Nordstrom wardrobe consultant to business owner of Lifestyle Management, serving business professionals in San Diego. Sharrah’s entrepreneurial pursuits eventually fused with her eye for fashion and keen understanding of social media marketing, resulting in the launch of her very own fashion blog, In 2013 Sharrah became the Director of Marketing for The Design Network in North Carolina where she was exposed to the industry of broadband television. In 2014 Sharrah was recruited by Rebecca Robeson, her mother, to manage Robeson Design’s burgeoning social platforms and strategically guide their future marketing endeavors. “Sharrah has such an advanced understanding of this social marketing world”, said Rebecca, “which is extremely beneficial for our business in staying relevant and connected with this modern age”.

Scott Robeson
Scott Robeson is the Business Manager and Project Manager for Robeson Design. Though having recently moved from Chicago to the west coast, Scott originally hails from sunny San Diego, California. After a successful eight year streak in Chicago as a top sales executive for AIG, Scott was head-hunted by Rebecca Robeson to take over the business affairs of her ever-growing design firm. “Scott is the perfect individual for this position,” said Rebecca, “he’s detail driven, organized, and incredibly professional with clients; he is what any business owner could ever want in a business manager”. Though he has a total type-A personality, Scott’s biggest strength is his ability to interact with clients, vendors, and other sub-contactors, “I am fastidious with details, numbers, organization, and multi-tasking”, noted Scott, “but I also have an eye for design and am great with clients, I win them over every time!”. Scott’s favorite part of his job (besides all the traveling, of course) is at the end when he gets to see homes transformed into masterpieces and watch as clients fall in love with their completed homes.

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